Our Horses

11025704_1686422814918376_7438508805304913282_n“Red” is a 7 year old Quarter Horse that came to us about 250 lbs underweight and with hoof issues. This was a Pleasant Prairie Police intervention rescue. He had extreme dehydration when he was first rescued. In these pictures, “Red” was already cleaned and groomed nicely. No more burrs and already a hoof trim!


20150423_150308-1-1-1UPDATE! We are now accepting adoption applications for “Red”! “Red” is a very sweet and respectful guy. We rode him for the first time just recently and he was extremely nervous at the beginning. We first started with bareback and then went to a little bit of saddle work. By the end of that session, “Red” was quite relaxed just standing around and doing a little walking with someone on his back. He is easy to catch in the paddock, easy to lead without him getting on top of you, and LOVES being groomed and getting scratches. There is not a mean bone in this guys body! He stands 15.2hh. He knows what treats are now and his hooves are starting to look a little better! “Red” has also gained about 200lbs with us and is at a nice, healthy weight. His adoption fee is $350.00. We must receive a completely filled out application before being able to schedule a visit to see him.

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