Adopt A Horse

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Print this form and submit it by mail if you would like to be approved to adopt a equine from Namaste Equine Rescue. You do not need to have a specific equine in mind when you submit your application and submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt a equine.

Adoption Criteria/Requirements

  • In order to qualify for adopting an equine, you should:
    1. have already owned an equine, and have appropriate experience with such animals
    2. board the animal(s) at an approved stable, or maintain the animal(s) on your own property where you reside
    3. be 18 years of age or over
    4. preferably live in the State of Wisconsin or nearby
    5. out of state applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Have a barn or lean-to, safe and proper fencing (board or wire mesh is appropriate–not barbed wire), and adequate water/feed supply (including a way to keep water from freezing in the winter) is required. An on-site visit will be made by a Namaste representative before an application is approved.
  • The adoptive owner(s) must provide the name, phone number and address of their veterinarian, farrier, and person who will care for the animals when the owner is away.
  • Periodic checks may be made of adopted animal(s) by a Namaste representative for the lifetime of the horse.
  • Any animal adopted from Namaste shall not be moved to a new location or leased or loaned to another person without prior approval from Namaste.
  • Namaste cannot guarantee any animal(s) as to its disposition or training. Animals which come into our custody might be untrained. Due to their usually debilitated condition, temperament generally changes with proper care. Namaste will include with each adoption a complete file on the animal(s), which will explain how the animal came to be on the farm, what veterinary care it received while it was here and what the staff has personally noticed about the animal’s disposition and training.
  • An interaction between potential adopter and equine must be viewed and approved by a Namaste representative.


Because certain homes that do not meet our preliminary criteria may qualify to adopt certain animals, please contact the office if you have any question about your eligibility.

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